Hope you have followed all the DLT processes till now (Entity Registration --> Header Approval --> Template Approval on DLT -->Mapping Entity Id/Template ID on SMS panel), if you are sending SMS on Indian Numbers also update your API. Note: If you have yet not registered on DLT, your SMS service might get impacted.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are Bulk SMS?

Coming to gatherings of individuals on the go used to be troublesome if not unimaginable. Bulk content informing is quickly turning into the most effective weapon in the showcasing munitions stockpile - it is the main correspondence medium equipped for coming to gatherings of individuals momentarily - paying little mind to where they are.

What is the difference between User and Reseller?

Clients can send SMS from Web Panel, Excel Plugin , API . In any case, Resellers separated from sending sms can likewise offer SMS to their own clients . Affiliates get a white named board where in they can brand to their needs . They will be furnished with administrator rights so they can deal with their own particular clients.

Advantages of Our Panel

  • Element Messaging
  • Best Algorithm for quicker conveyance of Messages
  • Programming interface to Integrate In Your Software
  • Live Delivery Report
  • Bulk Excel Upload
  • Ault tolerant Systems

What is DND With Filtering or Without Filtering?

DND – Do Not Disturb Numbers. According to TRAI's standard business sms ought not be sent to DND Numbers enlisted with them. So we have two courses.
With DND Filtering - SMS Sent through this course won't be sent to DND Numbers. We have frameworks with the goal that it will be naturally sifted in run time when it is sent.
Without DND Filtering - SMS Sent through this course will be sent to DND Numbers. There will be no separating for this course.

How to include a New Sender Id?

You can include another sender id by going to Push SMS - > Add Sender Id. Select the fitting course for the sender id (With/Without DND Filtering) and Request. Sender Ids need to endorsed by your administrator/affiliate.

How to send sms from Group?

In order to send sms from group you must create a group and add contacts to it. To create a group , Push SMS - > Create Group To Add Contacts to Groups Push SMS -> Add Contacts to Groups -> Manual Upload / Excel Upload - > Upload Numbers without 91 Go to Push SMS -> Compose Single / Group SMS -> Select one / many groups - > Select Sender Id -> Type Message - > send

How to plugin SMS to my Website?

You can use our HTTP API to plugin sms to your website.

What is HTTP API?

HTTP Application Programming Interface is used to send sms from any application instantly connected to internet. You can use ASP , ASP.NET , Scripting , PHP , JSP, Perl , Python and any scripting languages to send sms.

Can I get the request the sender id through API?

Yes . You can check the HTTP API section.

Can I get the Delivery Report through API?

Yes . You can check the HTTP API section.

What are the other options in API?

You can schedule sms through api , check balance . For more options check HTTP API section.

Can I get the api required customized for me?

Yes. Our development team can get api required for you in 48 hours provided sales team has approved.

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