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Bulk SMS Kerala

Bulk SMS in Kerala

Bulk SMS Provider in Kerala

Our bulk SMS provider in Kerala lets you send larger amounts of messages in a less time frame; increasing the efficiency of your campaigns and reducing the time and effort spent in contacting your audience. With the Bulk SMS Group, you can simply by texting a group number, Send SMS to a group of recipients simultaneously. It's a great way to communicate quickly with a group when computers and e-mail are not available. The number of recipients in the group is unlimited and the one that sends the message does not need to have knowledge of which recipients are included in the group.

Bulk SMS services in Kerala

We are the most comprehensive range of Bulk SMS service provider in Kerala. Anyone can send SMS to the group number and the message reaches all receivers in the group simultaneously. The group can easily change over time and adapted to current needs, such as depending on the call times or holidays, without the sender needs to worry. Send and receive text sms messages from your computer with our powerful web SMS system. The service group is administered centrally, which means that it is always updated and the same for everyone. Through a simple web interface puts you up and edit receiver that can vary between cell phone numbers, landline numbers or email addresses.

You can send to your forecasts and clients for the promotion of your business or services. With the Promotional SMS Service, you can Effectively promote your products and services among your possible prospects and existing clients.

Bulk SMS services provider in Kerala

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