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Bulk SMS Ahmedabad

Bulk SMS in ahmedabad

Bulk SMS Provider in ahmedabad

We provide Bulk sms Provider in ahmedabad for Marketing and Transaction Purpose. We have young & active team along with experienced fellows.

We always stay in touch with our clients and provide them support & help at every stage of bulk sms marketing allowing them to accomplish the best result. Our web based control panel is fully included which helps you to reach your consumers unrelatedly of time and place. It is very easy to use our control panel with user friendly UI.

User interface for our Bulk SMS Service developed for you in real time to analyze all the results and allow for an even better customer experience. Aikon SMS can both send and receive messages, and it's easy to go back in history to read past the sent and received text messages. In addition, you can see if a customer or hired not received his text messages thanks to the delivery report showing whether a text delivered or if it encountered a problem because of a phone off or an invalid phone number.

Let customers respond to how their perception of your services is or what they think about your product when the customer's memory is still fresh in order to get more relevant and accurate data to evaluate. Our Bulk SMS Service provider will send the survey has been developed with a strong focus on measuring results and for you with the help of these results can improve your product or service.

Bulk SMS Service in ahmedabad

A Indian industrial companies have chosen the Best Bulk SMS service Provider in ahmedabad to work strategically with its after-sales service and to ensure a high quality. After servicing the customer marks the responsible technician work completed in a mobile device and simultaneously an automatic SMS distribution to the customer with a number of issues relating to the service. When the customer has answered, the person in charge of the company in real time read out the results and also has the opportunity, through Aikon Bulk SMS Service platform to communicate with the technician when it is still out on today's issues.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in ahmedabad

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